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 In home visits available upon request and extra percautions in place due to Covid 19

Health profiling

This is a snap shot of you personally taking into consideration all of your special needs and possible issues. My health profiles include an extensive health questioner that  looks at blood type, family history, medications, past history, environment, illnesses and much more. Whether you are looking to stay well and have optimal health or you are already dealing with a disease process  I can help you.

Additional testing offered

Alcat testing

Food sensitivity testing

Supporting information

BMU Yale Study

Full Niu Lukaszuk

Genomic Insights testing

Advanced Methyl Detox Profiles

Celiac,IBS,Crohn's Array

Telomere length test

Telomere Length testing

Bemer Pro mat sessions 30.00 (single session)

Bemer mat rentals and sales available 

Bemer information

Ionic foot baths 30.00 (single session)

Ionic foot bath information

Sports stretch 30.00 (single session)

Essential oil  coaching 

Personal training

(small group sessions availble upon request)

Coming soon  

Meditation CD

Health and Wellness Retreats, Seminars and Workshops

 winter workshops will be posted soon